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voluptua's Journal

7 July
About me:
I'm a proud member of the Satanic Sluts and a presenter on Redemption tv. My show is called "The Slut House" and I present it with Sabrina Sixxx. Redemption is only available on sky digital channel 368 10pm-3am every night. www.redemptiontv.com Other than that I do some gothic/glamour/vamp sort of modelling and I dance in a cage at Sin City in Camden. Anything else you want to know, ask me.

Likes: Cock rock, Cage dancing, Making vampire films, Chocolate covered strawberries,
Being alone sometimes, Being in good company, Piercings, Leather jackets

Dislikes: Shallow people, Narrow minded people, Chavs who yell things at me,
Having to sell out to earn money, Public transport, Dead fish

Kinks: Forcefulness, Gentleness

Who I'd like to meet: Fun and open minded people.



ps my, my space is here http://www.myspace.com/voluptua